NDOT is embarking upon an 18 month process to work closely with our transportation partners across the state and the public to 1) create a unique vision for the One NV Transportation Plan along with goals to achieve this broad vision; 2) prepare scenarios of what the future of Nevada will look like over the next 20 years; 3) identify transportation deficiencies that hinder the ability to achieve this future; 4) develop projects and policies to address these deficiencies, and; 5) prepare a clear plan, collaboration processes and innovative tools to achieve the One NV Transportation Plan vision.  This schedule is graphically depicted below.  As with all study schedules, the exact timing and sequence is dynamic based upon the study’s needs.


A critical element of the study’s schedule is ongoing public and stakeholder engagement.  Numerous opportunities have been identified to engage and collaborate with the public, transportation partners, other state agencies and various interested stakeholders.  This outreach plan is illustrated in the graphic below.

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